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    At BATTLE for Trademarks we have over 15 years experience in legally and officially registering trademarks. From trademark registration to protect your brand, logo or business name to oppositions and negotiations, we are the specialists to get the job done. Our customers include sole traders, small businesses, large corporations and individuals. Whatever your trademark needs, BATTLE can help you.

    How Can We Help You?

    Your business name is a link between you and your customers. A registered trademark helps you obtain exclusive rights to your business name, protecting you and your company. We can help you to legally secure your name rights, for your trademark or for your business name. Contact BATTLE today to turn your business name into a registered trademark. We have developed the skills required to protect your brand, logo or business name.

    BATTLE Services

    For over 15 years BATTLE has provided it’s customers with consultancy and advisory services to manage their trademark registrations. Our services include trademark registration, oppositions, negotiations and brand consultancy. Contact us today to discuss your trademark needs.

    Register Your Trademark

    BATTLE assists business owners and organisations to officially file their trademark applications in the countries that they trade in around the world.

    Trademark Infringement

    When you register a trademark, you obtain legal rights to prevent other parties from using or infringing on your trademark without your consent. BATTLE can advise parties (defence or attack) about trademark infringement.

    EU Trademark Registration

    One single European trademark application can register, and protect, your brand, logo or business name in all countries throughout the European Union (EU).

    International Trademarks

    The international trademark system is based on the Madrid Agreement and Madrid Protocol, which govern trademark agreements between nations. BATTLE register trademarks around the world.

    Our Clients

    BATTLE News

    At BATTLE we specialise in rights to business names, and official trademark registration. Please visit our news section to view case studies and further information about trademark rights, court cases and decisions.

    Being well advised is the best way to protect your brand, logo or business name. BATTLE is here to advise you about your rights to business names and trademark registration.

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