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Riverdance used its trademarks to stop copying name

6 years ago

Riverdance used its trademarks to stop the copying of its name in

Rihanna v Topshop fight about image on t-shirts and passing off

6 years ago

Rihanna sues Topshop about image on t-shirts

Rihanna v Topshop fight and Pharrell Williams’ Trademark Battle

7 years ago

Music stars (née William Adams) and Pharrell Williams are currently embroiled in

Official Emblems Can be Refused Registration as Trademarks

7 years ago

Refusal to register trademark resembling Canadian flag stands
American Clothing Associates, domiciled in

METRO v Independent Newspapers Trademark Case

7 years ago

Holders of registered trademarks have an established property right.  In some

PGA v LPGA Trademark Case

7 years ago

When a trademark is registered, the Trade Marks Act requires that the registered

McCambridge v Brennan – Bread makers in Supreme Court Appeal

7 years ago

Bread makers dispute – Supreme Court Appeal – Outcome
Stop copying your

Danone v Glanbia: A Yoghurt Trademark Dispute

8 years ago

Danone, the large French dairy group was seeking damages from Glanbia from use

Can Registered Trademarks Block Counterfeit Products and Domains?

8 years ago

In 2011, damages totalling $164m were awarded in a trademark infringement and counterfeiting

Adwords and Registered Trademarks – Google v LVM (Louis Vuitton)

10 years ago

GOOGLE v Louis Vuitton Mattellier SA (“Vuitton”)
Outcome of Preliminary Ruling – Judgment

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