Can the same trademark be registered in more than one country?

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Once a trademark is registered it applies throughout the territory of the country of registration, for the goods and services specified. It is possible to extend the trademark registration from your home country to other countries where you intend to use the trademark. International trademark registration should be considered at the time of initial registration because if a similar trademark is registered before your trademark it may hold prior, and over-riding, rights.

The Republic of Ireland, Great Britain and the EU are parties to the Madrid Protocol for the international registration of trademarks.

The Madrid Protocol makes it possible to designate additional countries for your trademark over time, providing that there is no other prior or similar trademark registrations in those countries involved. For a list of countries where the Madrid Protocol applies, please visit our international trademarks page.

The scope of protection of an EU trademark applies in countries which are member states of the European Union.  When a country leaves the EU, unless agreed otherwise, national marks of that country may cease to hold the power to oppose, revoke or invalidate EU trademarks.  Further, EU trademarks may not cover that territory, unless agreed otherwise.

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