How do I register a trademark?

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Registered trademarks are obtained by submitting a formal application for registration under the laws of the relevant country. To obtain a registered trademark, there are certain requirements that must be met by the application.  BATTLE are experts in assisting with the registration process efficiently for our clients. Some basic aspects that must be considered when registering a trademark include the following:

  • Trademark registration legislation is based on the current trademark law in the country concerned.
  • In the EU, trademark regulations apply to member states, and national law applies in each country.
  • Trademark legislation in the Republic of Ireland is similar in many respects to UK trademark law and practice, and also to trademark laws in several other countries and the EU.
  • BATTLE specialises in helping all businesses protect their business names, we register trademarks for sole traders, proprietors, organizations, partnerships and companies, and many more.
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