How much are Ribena and Lucozade trademarks worth?

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How much are Ribena and Lucozade trademarks worth?

There are 84 trademarks registered for Ribena, and 149 trademarks registered for Lucozade throughout Europe (European Union).

The well known brands for soft drinks changed hands in September 2013.  A Japanese group, Suntory, which owns the Schweppes and Orangina brands, agreed to buy the brands from GlaxoSmithKline for a reported €1.6 billion.

The deal involved the acquisition of world wide rights to the Ribena and Lucozade brands and trademarks.  Suntory also acquired one of the plants which makes the soft drinks in the UK.  Another plant in Nigeria will continue to make the drinks under licence for Suntory.

Sales of the soft drinks were estimated to amount to €500 million in 2012.  Assuming there were as many trademark registrations outside Europe as in Europe, each trademark registration may have been worth between €3 million and €4 million each.

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