Lady Gaga trademarks force withdrawal

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Lady Gaga trademarks force withdrawal

Lady Gaga trademarks force withdrawal

Nikki Walsh, a cookery teacher, applied to register a trademark in Ireland for the name LADY AGA.  The trademark application was accepted for publication in Ireland for goods and services in two classifications.  She also bought an Irish domain name

Lady Gaga was described by her solicitors as “a world famous singer, songwriter, fashion designer and philanthropist”.  Her company, Ate My Heart Inc. owned four European trademark registrations.  Her solicitors said the integrity and protection of her trademarks were of the utmost importance.  They would be used to block the application to register the LADY AGA Irish trademark, because her European trademark registrations are legally enforceable in Ireland.

Because of the artist’s fame and the earlier LADY GAGA European trademark registrations, Ms Walsh was forced to withdraw her application to register an Irish trademark for LADY AGA, and to transfer the domain name in relation to Lady Aga to Ate My Heart.  She was also forced to re-brand her business to Lady Eve.

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