Trademarks by Location

Trademarks by location

BATTLE has over 15 years of experience in trademark registration throughout the globe.

Trademarks by location – assistance with securing territorial trademark rights, officially

Trademarks by location – Before you register a trademark for your business name, logo or brand it is important to consider where you should register it.  Registered trademarks are territorial by nature. This means that the scope of trademark protection only applies to the country where the trademark is registered.

Furthermore it is important to note jurisdictions where trademarks can cover multiple countries or locations.  For example, in the European Union (EU) you can register a trademark for an individual member state or file what was formerly called a community trademark, and from 2016 called a European Union trademark that covers the entire EU – EUTM.

We assist with trademark registration

Trademarks by location – BATTLE has successfully registered trademarks in Ireland, the United Kingdom, the EU, the United States and beyond.  We have also dealt with trademark oppositions in some cases.  We have also advised customers on negotiating settlements in relation to trademark disputes.  Further information on the specific registration process for various locations can be found in each of the following pages:

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