Trademarks Ireland


Trademarks Ireland

Trademark registration in Ireland operates within the legal framework of The Trade Marks Act, 1996 in tandem with EU regulations. BATTLE is an Irish owned and operated company.  We have developed a wealth of experience in Irish trademark applications along with other international applications.

Whether you are an SME, sole trader, large company or simply need to protect your brand, name or logo, BATTLE can help you register a trademark.  For help with officially securing title to trademarks Ireland and abroad.

Trademarks Ireland – specialists in trademark rights

BATTLE provides customers with:

  • Consultancy services to register trademarks.
  • Insights into any trademark issues that you may be having.
  • Support and advice geared to resolve trademark matters.
  • Searches for Irish trademarks – registered trademarks Ireland.
  • Preparation of applications to register a trademark in Ireland.
  • Business names and trademark consultancy.
  • Negotiation of trademark agreements or disputes.
  • Advice on how to defend your business name, brand or logo in Ireland.
  • Consultancy on how to handle trademark opposition in Ireland.

Right to trademarks – Ireland has harmonized its trademark laws to accommodate the European Union’s trademark regulations.  For more information on how we assist you to register your brand, logo or business name as trademarks in Ireland,  contact BATTLE today.

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