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BATTLE assists organisations by officially registering trademarks that are protected under EU legislation and the UK Trade Marks Acts.   There are specialized elements of registered trademarks in the UK which need to be considered with every UK trademark application.  Fortunately we are here to help you, from preliminary appraisals of the trademark application, to searching already registered trademarks for any potential oppositions and completing the application.  BATTLE is confident that we can get the job done for you – we have helped register several trademarks UK.

Trademarks in Great Britain are governed by EU legislation and the UK Trade Marks Acts.  All UK trademark applications are subject to a formal process of examination. This process looks at previously registered trademarks to assess conflicts of interest, checks the classification of the trademark application and assesses whether or not the application meets the requirements of the Trade Marks Act 1994.

In order to minimise the potential risk of a customer’s application being rejected, as far as trademarks UK are concerned, BATTLE has developed a proven strategy for UK trademark registration as follows:

  • BATTLE searches earlier trademark registration to ensure that our customers applications are worthwhile.
  • We offer advice to our customers based on these search results.
  • We will consult with you to ensure that your trademark application is suitably strong.
  • If your application is challenged we have the experience and expertise to help you fight the challenge.
  • We can negotiate trademark agreements on your behalf or help you to determine your legal standing and rights with regards to your business name in the case of trademark opposition.

Trademarks UK – trademarks obtain extraordinary rights.  These help to encourage investment in brands and in developing a reputation among consumers.  The rights also help consumers to identify purchases from a certain badge of origin.  For more information on how to register your brand, logo or business name as a trademark within the UK contact BATTLE today.

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