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BATTLE defends the rights of your business name. We provide expert assistance to resolve trademark disputes and settle arguments over business names. We use our comprehensive knowledge of trademark law to provide our customers with solid advice, designed to save them time and money.

As a Bard once mused ‘What’s in a name?’  – we often receive queries from our customers about their business name.  Generally they want to know if it is secure.  Often people believe that the registration of a business name with the Companies Registration Office (CRO)  or Companies House (UK) ensures that only they can use the name. This is not the case.

A business name is not properly protected if it has only been registered as a business or company name. The Business Names Registration Act identifies and records the location of a business but it does not give you proprietary rights over the name. A registered trademark does.

A registered trademark immediately establishes legal title and powers of exclusivity for your business name, brand or logo. This instantly protects you from the threat of somebody else trading from your name and increases the value of your trademarked property.

If you have queries about the security of your business name please contact us or browse our FAQs for more information.   For rights to business names, and business name security, BATTLE are specialists.


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