Trademark Infringement


Owning a registered trademark gives you legal rights that protect your brand, business name or logo.  If anybody uses your trademark without your consent you can bring legal proceedings against them.  BATTLE have advised many customers about how to attack or defend against trademark infringement.

In simple terms, trademark infringement occurs if somebody uses a sign, logo, brand or business name that is similar or identical to a current trademark.  Generally infringement can occur if the public is likely to be confused (including a likelihood of association) between the unregistered sign, logo, brand or business name and the registered trademark.

Specifically, trademark infringement can occur:

  • When a similar logo, brand or business name is put on goods or packaging.
  • When a person offers goods similar to those that are trademarked for sale, or stocks them with a view to offering or supplying services under the similar brand.
  • When a similar logo, brand or business name is used on official business papers or in advertising.

How Does BATTLE Assist in Trademark Infringement Cases?

If somebody is infringing your trademark it is undoubtedly a serious matter as it could lead to negative or misleading association in the minds of consumers.  Trademark infringement should be stopped immediately but often our clients do not know where to begin.

This is where we come in – as specialists in rights to business names.   BATTLE can help to examine the facts of claims, in terms of the rights which are legally attached to a business name or specific trademark.  After undertaking some preliminary checks and research we help our customers to understand their rights with regards to their business name, brand or trademark.  We can provide you with a comprehensive strategy, including alternative routes to resolve your trademark infringement issues, while providing clear and concise solutions for implementation.

BATTLE helps customers to attack or defend cases involving trademark infringement.  For more information or to protect your brand, business name or logo please contact us today.


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