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A trademark search is exactly what it sounds like. Essentially it is a search of all existing trademarks.  BATTLE regularly conduct searches on behalf of our customers before they begin the trademark registration process.  This is to ensure that anything that may block the successful registration of a trademark is known about from the start of the process.

When you apply to register a trademark your application will be examined by the regulatory bodies that manage the trademark registrations in various territories.  A trademark search forms part of this process.  They look to see if there are any existing trademarks that are similar, or in some cases even identical, to your application.  In addition to this,  they look for any aural and/or conceptual similarities between your application and existing trademarks. If any trademarks are already in existence that are overly similar to the trademark you have applied for,  your application can be opposed or even blocked.

In many cases it can be constructive to carry out a trademark search before you adopt a new business or product name.  In doing so you can ensure that whatever name you choose can be successfully registered as a trademark.  BATTLE is here to help you do this.

How Can BATTLE Assist You with Registered Trademark Searches?

When you have a good name or title, it is often worthwhile carrying out trademark searches for the following reasons:

  • Your strategy for a brand, name, sign or logo can be shaped by trademark searches.
  • Trademark searches show other similar registered trademarks.
  • Trademark searches can indicate whether your trademark application is weak or strong.
  • Searching trademarks helps to reduce the threat of any likely trademark oppositions.
  • Searching trademarks can help to reduce the potential for trademark infringement.

A BATTLE trademark search,  gives you our specialised views and insights into a business name, brand or logo.  If we find obstacles, we can provide advice and solutions to assist in choosing your best option.

Researching a trademark can help to negate the potential infringement and opposition problems that may arise from existing registered trademarks.  Some trademark searching options include:

  • Searching the business name, logo or brand as a registered trademark in the territory in which you plan to trade.
  • Searching registered trademarks for a range of goods/services to cover any potential oppositions.
  • Trademark searches of wider territories (such as the EU or the UK or USA)



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